Citizen's Charter

Citizen's Charter


 The rights of the pensioners to receive prompt settlement of their pensionary    benefits and Provident Fund Balance dues.

 Conscious of

 Our responsibility as scrutinizing and authorizing authority

 In Evidence

 Of our commitment to provide and maintain the highest quality of service

 We Resolve

  • To authorize pensionary benefits and Provident Fund dues within two months of receipt of the cases complete in all respects
  • To address the concerned authorities in respect of  deficiencies and defects within one month and to keep the beneficiaries informed of such actions
  • To acknowledge receipt of all complaint cases within one week
  • To furnish final replies to complaints relating to retirement benefits within two months of their receipt.
  •  To furnish final replies to correspondence relating to discrepancies in General   Provident Fund Accounts within three months of receipt.         

 We Further Resolve

To suitably disseminate knowledge and information on the procedures and processes  to all ‘stake holders’

                Given on this Thursday, 1st January 2018 in Thiruvananathapuram

G Sudharmini

                                                                                                   Accountant General (A&E)

Instances of non fulfilment of any of these resolves may be brought to the attention of the Sr.Dy.Accountant General/Dy.Accountant General concerned for redressal within one month.

 For Pension For GPF
Ramasubramani V Madhubala K
 Dy. Accountant General (Pension) Dy. Accountant General (Funds)