Functions of the Office of the Principal  Accountant General (A&E)

Compilation of monthly Accounts of expenditure and receipts on the basis of vouchers and schedules received from various treasuries of the State Government and initial accounts received from the departmental offices like public works Divisions, Irrigation department, Forest Divisions, Kerala House-New Delhi etc.

  •  Preparation of Annual Finance Accounts and Appropriation Accounts of the State Government.
  • Settlement of claims of Government of Kerala with other accounting circles like various PAOs of the Central Government, Railways, Defence, P&T and with other State Governments.
  •  Account adjustments of grants from various Central Ministries released to      Government of Kerala for CSS, CPS, State Plan Scheme etc.
  •  Furnishing of materials for the Civil Audit Report.
  •  Monitoring of reconciliation of departmental figures with the AG’s figures.
  •  Account adjustments of Ways and Means Advances and Over Drafts.
  •  Accounting and watching of repayment of loans from Central Government.
  •  Preparation of Schematic Register.
  • Maintenance of General Provident Fund accounts of State Government employees and officers of the All India Services (Kerala Cadre) and of the Judges of High Court of Kerala.
  • Authorisation of pay and other claims of gazetted officers of State Government, officers of the All India Services (Kerala Cadre), Constitutional and statutory authorities, pay and allowances to Governor and employees of the Governor’s Secretariat, Minister’s personal staff, MLAs, employees of the Legislature Secretariat, Lok Ayukta, Ombudsman, Chairman and Members of the State Public Service Commission, Enquiry Commission, President of Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum and President of the Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission etc.
  •  Processing and authorization of pensionary benefits of employees of the State Government, aided educational institutions and officers of All India Services (Kerala Cadre).
  •  Maintenance of accounts of long-term advances like House Building Allowance, Motor Car Advance and Personal Compute Allowance granted to State Government employees and All India Service Officers (Kerala Cadre).
  •  Local inspection of treasuries of the State Government.
  •  Issue of treasury authorizations newly formed offices and Institutions and annuity payment authorizations.

                 Distribution of Charges among Group A Officers 


Shri K K Srivastava IA&AS  Principal Accountant General       

Head of Department. Responsible for the functioning of the Office of the Principal Accountant General (A&E), Kerala

Shri T Karunakaran IA&AS

Deputy Accountant General (Administration)

Administration and Cadre Management, IT Support cell, O&M and Training, PAO, General Wing and Hindi cell 
 Shri KT Raju IA&AS                    Deputy Accountant General (Accounts & VLC)  Maintenance of accounts of the Kerala Government and supervision of Treasury Inspection Parties

Shri PB  Vishnukanth IA&AS

Deputy Accountant General (Funds)

Maintenance of General Provident Fund Accounts of Kerala Government employees, including All India Service officers (Kerala cadre) and judges of the High Court of Kerala.

 Shri P SUGENDRAN IA&AS   Deputy  Accountant General (Gazetted Entitlement)

Authorisation pay, verification of service and maintenance of leave accounts of all Gazetted officers of the Kerala Government including All India Service officers (Kerala cadre)

Smt Su Sudha Preeya IA&AS  Deputy Accountant General (Pension)

Authorisation of pensionary benefits to retired employees of the State Government including All India Service officers (Kerala cadre) and Judiciary.

Shri. K Abdul Latheef IA&AS            Deputy Accountant General (A&E),Thrissur.

Supervision of the work in Branch offices Thrissur and Kozhikode

Shri R Sundaram   IA&AS                Deputy Accountant General (A&E), Ernakulam

Supervision of the work in Branch Offices Ernakulam and Kottayam

Sri P Yesodharan,                  Welfare Officer   

Welfare, recreation and cultural activities of Staff